To Be With You Again, Jazzy Remix by Klubjumpers video

Grammy-Award nominated Klubjumpers have just done this Jazzy Remix of Professor RJ Ross’ “To Be With You Again”. LET’S PARTY!!!!!!


so surprised to open up your email
fifty times i must have read it through
can’t believe you’re coming in this evening
so blown away i don’t know what to do
cleaning up put everything in order
check the tub make sure the sheets are clean
wash the car and stock the ‘frigerator
pinch myself so i know it’s not a dream

cause it’s been sooooooo long
i miss you sooooooo bad
it’s gonna be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

just to hold your hand
just to chill with you
at that small cafe
like we used to do
swim a lap with you
take a nap with you
lay out in the sun
we’re gonna have so much fun
we can stay up late
you know i just can’t wait
to be with you again

go online for airport information
eight o’clock and so far no delay
try to work but this anticipation
takes control & just carries me away
visions of the things we’ll do together
dance around the corners of my mind
should i wear a tie or just a sweater?
check my hair for the 27th time

we can laze around
let some music play
watch the sun go down
on a perfect day
cook a meal with you
get the feel of you
play it from the heart
it’s gonna be off the chart
we’ll be in the zen
it’s just a perfect 10
to be with you again


to hold your hand will be heaven
i hardly can believe that i’m gonna be
with you again