Whole World Waiting video


Words and music by RJ Ross.


We walk down these grey-shadowed pavements, and cover our eyes,
Through stainless-steel sky-scrapered cities, that block out the skies,
We think what we show conceals, but wherever i go it feels like a
whole world waiting for the sun

Suspicion and misunderstanding, still keep us apart,
It’s so hard to see in the darkness, or to open your heart,
But from hearts full of fear and cares, i swear i can hear the prayers of a
whole world waiting for the sun

a whole world waiting,
a young girl praying,
a soldier trembling,
a prisoner counting,
a mother sighing,
an old man watching,
a whole world waiting,
for the sun

Everywhere we look and wonder
Suddenly so late
Hold our heart and wait

We wait for a world safe for children, we wait for the light,
We hope for a green shining planet, living and bright,
Until suddenly the night is gone (across the sky), silver breaking to light the dawn, for a
whole world waiting for the sun

Everywhere a whole world waiting
Why can’t morning come?
Endlessly a heart is breaking
Waiting for the sun

(the sun’s gonna rise up shining bright,
mothers and the fathers and the children all standing in the morning light)